Mancala Board



Brad Collette, Wetpaint Designs LLC 3 years ago

A nice simple product. I think the game has been around for eons so is probably not encumbered by any copyright claims. I wonder what the rules are for selling games with pieces small enough to be a choking hazard.

John Dupuy, John Dupuy S/E 3 years ago

in reply to Brad Collette, Wetpaint Designs LLC
The glass beads are automatically a choking hazard because of their size; so it requires a disclaimer (3 and older only) and it increases the cost of the product liability insurance.

Dave Patton, PEPCO, Inc. 3 years ago

On the initial production run, do you want the deeper pockets and increase the part size overall? Please advise.

John Dupuy, Purple Squirrel Games 3 years ago

There are a lot of new posts about this project at

We have successfully sold 2 boards to the public!

That reminds me: I'll need to encourage Sarah's amazon retail store, HowardFinster, to join the team.