Maker Redux



Current Team

current Purple Squirrel Games

  • Admin: True
  • Role(s): owner, liability
  • Royalties: N/A (owner)

current Steven Mattern S/E

  • Admin: True
  • Role(s): design
  • Royalties: False

Team Members Needed

Prototyper A prototyper is a shop that specializes in making unique or very-low volume products from scratch by specification. Prototypers often help with the 'prototype' stage and offer advice.
Retailer A retailer buys the product (directly or via wholesale) and resells it to the public. Retailers generally do not get royalties due to conflict of interest.
Marketer A marketer advises and often directs marketing efforts to get retailers, wholesalers, and/or the public to buy the product.
Manufacturer A manufacturer makes parts and products in low to high volume. Manufacturers often help with the 'piloting' (short run) and 'production' stages. They often also offer advice.

Team Invitations

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