Mancala Game App



Mancala Game App

A single player game of Mancala with AI

Play a game of Mancala on your phone or tablet, against the artificial intelligence (AI) of your choice.

Version one will use the 'Kalah' rules.

Written in Python with the Kivy and easyAI libraries, this app is intended for the Android and iOS platforms.

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Follow Development on Youtube

I'm recording my development process on Feel free to view them:

Mancala Game App Development

2017-02-25Drew Piester Photography LLC has joined the team as [art]
2017-04-07KoreanTacos S/E has joined the team as [art, design]

Beta release on Google Play Store

Beta testing has begun! The first release for the Google Play Store has been uploaded for beta testing. If you are interested in trying out the beta test, please contact John at Purple Squirrel Games directly.

Video about the upload:

Mancala Game App Ep. 21: uploading beta to Google Play Store


Now in general release. Anyone can buy it!

Beta testing is finished. Like any creative work, it isn't really DONE. But it is done enough for others to enjoy. I'll be updating the app further in the next few weeks. Play store link:


Introduction video for Google Play Store now on Youtube

This project is ready to share

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