Doll House Platform



Doll House Platform

A platform for holding and displaying a Playmobil Grand Mansion 5302 doll house.

The Playmobil Grand Mansion is one of several dollhouses that collectors love. A quick search on eBay is all you need to see how rabid Playmobil collectors are. The houses are large and cumbersomeI often build them on a large cutting board, but they slide around. The platform will have an indention that the house nestles down into slightly. It will be rectangular even though the house is notthe idea is that one could interchange one of several different house boards on a base that might have options like storage drawers, rolling casters, and maybe even personalization/engraving. To begin with, we need a board that won't warp, that looks nice, that has an indentation the shape of the house foundation, and ideally that has grooves on either end where you can slip your hand under the edge of the board for easy lifting. We might line the top of the board with green felt or rubber to simulate grass, maybe that's another option/upsell. These would be marketed on eBay and Etsy, as well as the Midwest Merchandising site.

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